A little background about myself. I have always been fond of creating websites, and having my own place or brand in the internet. I have developed front end UI and UX in the past using ReactJS, and Angular when they were just starting out. Most of my projects are kept in a private repository on Bitbucket, they are still there but at this point in time I have forgotten how to customize them (poor documentation on my part).

       My past projects made me focus more on the UI and UX aspect of my portfolio, manually customizing the html and css aspects of the page. I also loved experimenting the graphic part of web design including trying out different color combinations, typography, and some advance css like animations. Front end development alone is already a difficult part in developing websites.

       So with the boom of the Web3 buzzword I was thrilled with the idea of decentralization, and after some research I found out that majority of the technologies used have a heavy focus on the front end aspect of web development. Ideally the back end part of the application would be handled by blockchains and smart contracts. I was thrilled with upgrading my front end portfolio to migrate it to a decentralized format.


       My idea was to create a portfolio from scratch, but with a twist. Making an online portfolio is a not new, almost every web developer that are capable of developing can easily make their own page. Even people with less technical experience can create a portfolio using services such as WordPress nowadays.

       What is the twist you’re asking? Well this blog will focus on blockchain and smart contracts as much as possible so my idea was to make a Web3 version of a portfolio with decentralization aspects.

These are the tech stack I have in mind:

Front end

  • Frontend: ReactJS (Javascript)

Blockchain (Back end)

  • Blockchain: Terra Luna or Solana Blockchain
  • Smart Contract: Rust


  • Server type: IPFS
  • Domain Name: Unstoppable Domain

       I already have a slight idea on how these things work together, but I would like to experiment and dive deep into these new technologies on a practical aspect. So I will be documenting my progress in this blog, and keeping a copy of the source code in my Github repository here.

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